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  • 140322 KRose 044 Edit

    Winter: Black and White

    The temperature bottomed out at 18 below zero this morning. The view outside my window is deep with snow. While waiting for the emerging colors of spring, it seemed like a good time to explore the shades of winter in black and white.     …

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  • 141213 KRose 004 Edit

    The Forest Holds Its Breath

    We knew it was coming. Snow had been in the forecast for a week prior to the storm’s arrival. By the time two converging fronts combined forces we had another nor’easter settling in. As nor’easters go, it’s anybody’s guess as to how much precipitation is …

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  • 141115 KRose 002

    Barn: Part 8

    We knew we were close. After a balmy autumn, the air began to change as we pressed ahead with the remaining few days of work required to close up the barn floor for the winter. The daily weather pattern included rapid and continuous oscillations between …

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  • 141110 KRose 023

    Barn: Part 7

    At the end of our October 26th barn-raising day we had nearly a third of the first floor structure in place. That was the section of the deck that we simply could not accomplish between the two of us and we are extremely grateful for all the …

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  • Monitor Barn

    Barn: Part 6

    The pieces lay waiting, in neat, covered stacks. It was mid-October, three years after we’d broken ground for our barn. We put out the word, rallying friends and family for a “raising” on Sunday, October 26th. It was finally time to begin joining timbers for the frame. …

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