snow on barn
apple blossoms
harvest soup
  • Raven

    Song of the Wind

    Twelve years. That’s how may times we’ve repeated the spring ritual of launching our beloved Raven. Unlike the early years when our launch was guaranteed to bring snow, our May 6th “splash” took place under clear blue skies with a 15 knot north wind on …

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  • road

    It’s Not Supposed to Rain in February

    It’s only been the past 25 years or so where we’ve seen widespread use of the phrase “environmental sustainability.” I was a natural resource planner at the time that its popularity began to skyrocket. It seemed that suddenly everyone was inserting the “s” word into …

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  • sunshine

    Staying Close To The Fire

    It was 21 degrees below zero to begin this Valentine’s Day 2016. The high reached 1 degree. A good day for snuggling (and keeping close to the fire).

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  • 160103 KRose 001

    The Monthly Record

    We have a set of regular routines here at Three Meadows Farm. We keep a house journal in which we jot down notable events or thoughts (64 degrees and Marion barefoot in the garden on Christmas Eve!!!). There is the garden journal where notes on …

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  • 151018 KRose 001

    Winter in the Offing

    The October 17th entry in our house journal marked the first measurable snow of the season. Large lazy flakes began to fall as we put the finishing touches on the area under our new barn’s forebay section. We’d had 15 yards of hard pack trucked to …

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